The Essential Guide to No-Code Automation for Security Teams

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Written by Eoin HinchyCo-founder & CEO, Tines

Today we're excited to launch the Essential Guide to No-Code Automation for Security Teams.

This free Tines playbook is designed to serve as the ultimate resource on no-code automation for security practitioners. It provides an overview of what no-code automation is, why it is a critical skill for those at the forefront of security operations, and how to bring the power of no-code automation to your security team. In addition, the playbook includes a variety of resources, from customer case studies and success stories to tips to prepare for the future and best practices for implementation. It also looks at the evolution of no-code automation and some common misconceptions associated with it.

Tines is at the forefront of no-code automation, and we are excited to share more of our knowledge with the wider community through this guide. We believe that no-code automation is a critical skill for anyone looking to streamline their security operations, and we hope this guide will help you achieve that goal.

No-code automation has the potential to save teams days and weeks of work, free up security practitioners for high-impact projects, and improve total productivity. Tines provides a best-in-class solution for automating repetitive, manual processes, from simple tasks to complex workflows. Analysts can simply drag and drop Actions into a workflow, wire them together, enter the parameters, test, and set it loose, taking monotonous tasks from time-consuming efforts to truly hands-off processes that will only loop them in when their judgment is required. Tines is used by Fortune 500 companies, global enterprises, government agencies, and some of the most exciting startups around the world.

With the launch of this comprehensive playbook, our goal is to make our powerful no-code automation platform even more accessible and enable businesses of all sizes to transform their security operations by eliminating tedious time-consuming tasks.

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