Introducing Story versioning, a time machine for mission-critical processes

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Written by Jonny Belton

The Storyboard should be a place to experiment and build with confidence. That’s the simple thinking behind our latest product update.

We’re pleased to announce and share more details about ‘Story Versioning,’ an incredible and much-requested feature that just went live.

Story Versioning allows teams to back up, inspect, clone, export, and restore any workflow. Think of it as a time machine for your company’s mission-critical processes.

Previously, if you made a mistake while building a Story or changed your mind, you could undo and redo Actions. However, you often might have been deep into building out a workflow only to decide later it wasn’t the right approach, and manually tracking back Action by Action wasn’t feasible. Even worse, if you had closed the Story or browser, this wasn’t even possible. One of our recent goals was to design and build an intuitive system to address these problems.

With the new Story Versioning feature, customers can now:

  1. Automatically snapshot a Story, so you never have to remember to save manually.

  2. Manually create a more granular snapshot.

  3. View the full details within a Story (i.e., a locked Storyboard) before selecting restore.

  4. Scan the version history list before restoring. Version history filters include day, time, and how many actions. It’s also possible to name specific restore points to make them easier to remember later.

  5. Clone and export past versions to a new Story.

Try it out and see what you think. We’re always eager to hear your feedback.

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