Sponsoring the Lezer parser system

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Written by Patrick O'Brien

We’re delighted to announce that we have recently begun sponsoring the excellent Lezer parser system from the CodeMirror team.

We’re using this set of tools in our new Liquid Editor to help us do syntax highlighting, error reporting, and autocomplete. This is a job we previously tried to do with regexes, but there’s only so far you can go down that path before you wish you hadn’t started at all.

With Lezer, we instead define a grammar for Liquid and then use the generated parser to create a syntax tree which gives us a rich structure to work with when building out some of the advanced features of the editor.

We’ve been really impressed with the power and quality of the tool and the professionalism shown by Marijn and company and believe strongly in supporting high-quality OSS like this.

Watch this space for a more detailed post on why and how we’re using Lezer.

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