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Thomas KinsellaCo-founder & CCO, Tines
Oron Noah Director of Product Management, Wiz

Increased cloud adoption has introduced new security risks; organizations need to protect invaluable, sensitive data that can be accessed from anywhere. Traditional methods no longer suffice - today’s security operations teams must adopt innovative solutions and streamlined processes to effectively manage the increase in complexity and ensure mission-critical cloud loads are safeguarded.

After all, if your systems or network are compromised, it could have severe implications for your business.

Fortunately, you can take steps to protect your cloud infrastructure at scale. Tines is delighted to partner with Wiz, a cloud-agnostic agentless tool that gives you complete visibility into your cloud footprint and risks. Wiz and Tines combine to form a powerful solution to remediate any cloud risks detected in minutes. Using Tines’ no-code automation platform, you can transform, analyze, and prioritize information from Wiz and handle cloud remediation alerts automatically without needing to engage developers or write a single line of code.

"The combination of Wiz and Tines has allowed us to identify and remediate security risks within our cloud infrastructure. This has significantly improved our visibility, reduced our exposure and been a force multiplier for security at Brex."

Mark Hillick, Head of Security, Brex

How Wiz and Tines work together 

Tines connects data from Wiz’s industry-leading cloud security platform across your entire technology stack to automate prioritization and remediation workflows at speed and scale. Combining these tools allows you to measure your risk, focus on what matters most, and futureproof your applications against new vulnerabilities.

Sample use cases 

  • Vulnerability management

  • Issue remediation

Vulnerability management

Wiz arms Tines with risk insights to quickly analyze and share relevant information in a Slack channel, enabling security analysts to review findings and collaborate on any further action. If needed, Tines automatically opens tickets in Jira containing all of the essential details - simplifying complex processes while enabling informed decision-making.

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Issue remediation

Wiz provides immediate visibility into a customer’s cloud inventory and detects anomalies, for example, a critical vulnerability like log4j, that requires the analyst to review the findings in Slack and open a Jira ticket or an Amazon S3 bucket being made public. Then, it passes this information through to Tines to perform the exact remediation steps you want to take automatically - for example, restoring the bucket permissions, notifying the owner, paging an on-call team, or documenting the event in a case management system such as Jira.

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Both of these automation workflows are ready to use and customize via the Tines Story Library.

The benefits of combining Wiz and Tines 

There are countless benefits to using Wiz and Tines to protect your cloud infrastructure. Perhaps most notable is the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is secure —even in the event of an unexpected incident. Other benefits include:

  • Break down security silos and improve efficiency: By automating the security incident response process, you’ll free up your team’s time so they can focus on more strategic tasks.

  • New visibility plane: Wiz and Tines bring visibility to various stakeholders and share operational responsibilities.

  • Reduce costs: By preventing outages and incidents, you’ll save money on lost productivity, reputation damage, and other associated costs.

  • Democratize security and increase scalability: As your business grows, so does your need for protection; this partnership ensures you can quickly scale without dramatically increasing your overhead. Empower multiple application teams to fix security problems in their own environments.


With Tines, you can automate the steps involved in remediating anomalies detected by Wiz. Tines directly connects with Wiz’s API to access data and take action accordingly—without needing to engage with developers, build integrations, or write a single line of code. 

Tines connects your entire technology stack to bring together all the information you need in one place— so you improve your real-time visibility and stay secure without switching between different tools. This saves time and ensures that your security team can spend less time on tedious tasks and focus their skills where they are most needed.

Learn more about Tines' partnership with Wiz here.

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