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Written by Chris ForanSenior Account Manager, MSSPs

Today, MSSPs are trying to scale their businesses quickly, onboard customers with high-quality tool sets that evolve with the company, and maintain or increase margins. This means reducing costs, improving onboarding time, and building the next generation of MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) or MDR (Managed Detection and Response) company.  

Threats in their own and customer environments continue to grow for MSSPs, as does the technology stack to support them. Next-generation managed service providers also want to focus on delivering outcomes to their customers, not just technology.

Using cloud-native services is essential to handle the fluctuating requirements of today’s modern MSSP customers, who are adopting more cloud services than ever before. To run an efficient business, MSSPs must leverage automation that enables the SOC (Security Operations Center) to triage and respond to threats as quickly as possible and provide high-end service delivery.

With Tines, MSSPs have more time to focus on their primary mission of securing customers’ cloud infrastructure, while ensuring it complies with data security regulations. The no-code automation platform can be deployed out-of-the-box, without the need for integrations, developers, or coding skills.

MSSP use cases 

Some common automation use cases for Tines' MSSP customers include:

  • Automating vulnerability management workflows

  • EDR tool alert triage automation

  • Phishing alert triage automation

  • Impossible travel and BEC (Business Email Compromise) automation

  • Automating RSS security and vulnerability update alerts


MSSP customers typically see the following benefits when deploying Tines for automation:

  • Onboard customers more efficiently without sacrificing service quality

  • Improve overall operational efficiency and margins

  • Better leverage existing customer tools

  • Offer additional managed services to drive revenue

  • Reduction in staff burnout by alleviating tedious manual tasks

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