What it’s like to be a partner development manager at Tines: An interview with Jess Harper

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Written by Aoife Anderson

As a partner development manager at Tines, Jess Harper is responsible for building and maintaining strategic business and technology alliances. By leveraging her deep industry knowledge, Jess identifies partnerships and builds mindshare that drives top-line revenue growth and enables Tines to expand its footprint in the market--while also creating more value for the mutual customers we share.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself?‍

I have spent most of my career in technology, working for fantastic companies like Cisco and Pure Storage. I began my journey at Cisco, where I was given the opportunity to market everything from enterprise networking solutions to Cisco Capital. From there, I spent four years building the field and channel marketing organizations at Pure Storage - painting the industry orange, if you will. I returned to Cisco to spend time in the channel sales arena, where I managed one of Cisco's largest reseller partners. Outside of my professional life, I am lucky enough to live in Charlotte, North Carolina, with my two very charismatic boys, Alex (12) and Nick (10), and our two rescue dogs, Sunny and Copper.   

What drew you to Tines, and what do you enjoy most about working here?

Our product, our people, and our partnerships drew me to Tines and are what I continue to enjoy the most! After researching the solution and speaking to Tinos in multiple business units, I was all but sold. Then when I saw the investment that Tines was putting into our partnerships at such an early stage, I knew this was the place for me!

What advice would you give new hires starting their journey at Tines?

I would tell them to enjoy being part of building a company and do it with complete authenticity. A respected mentor once told me, "It's one thing to work for a company; it is another to be a part of building one." I believe that to be true.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Having only lived in the Carolinas for a short time, I enjoy exploring all the area has to offer. I also love watching my boys play sports, taking hikes with the dogs, listening to podcasts, and BBQ'ing with my family. I love to travel and have a bucket list of destinations that I look forward to visiting one day.

Do you have any platform tips or tricks to share with Tines users?

The opportunities to automate are endless! Whether you are looking to automate within the security stack, another line of business, or at home, Tines provides the ability to do that with great ease! One of my favorite community initiatives we run is called #YDWWT (You Did What With Tines); our user base's creativity around automation is incredible. The trick is to continue to think out of the box and explore all the possibilities for automation.

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