Introducing Tines University 

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Written by Yanni Hajioannou

We pride ourselves on how flexible and accessible Tines is. And while our product is designed for simplicity and ease of use, we don’t just rely on the UX to give our customers the best experience when using Tines. This is where our resources like Tines Bootcamp, docs, webinars, and now, Tines University come in. 

What is Tines University? 

Tines University is the one-stop shop for educating our customers about how to use our platform. It's been developed to provide a light-touch experience where learners can complete each tier of learning in just 30 minutes. At Tines University, you’ll learn about the key aspects of how to start automating your workflow and getting the most out of integrating Tines with the rest of your tech stack. 

At Tines University, you’ll build your Tines knowledge by going through our dedicated learning paths. No stone is left unturned, and you’ll find helpful videos throughout, plus links to more granular explanations of specific topics and functions if you want them.

Tines University has three learning paths:

Tines Basics provides a baseline understanding of the product. You’ll gain foundational knowledge of Tines's key concepts and features and learn how to navigate around the interface.

Intermediate level supports learners to gain proficiency in story design, learn how to build apps using Tines, and master data manipulation. 

Advanced level provides different techniques that will level up your story building, whether it's getting into metadata, tags, or even our new dedicated LAMBDA section.

How is Tines University different from the Bootcamp/Cert/Docs?

The University is designed to be a light touch learning experience. The bootcamp and the Certification are both experiences designed to have you in the tool building. With our docs, we end up going deep into detail, so the University is one step zoomed back.

What's next?

Access Tines University through this link and get started. 

Please send any feedback with the thumbs up 👍 or thumbs down 👎section at the bottom of each module. 

We plan to evolve and create more modules in the future so your feedback will help us design the best educational content possible. 

Good luck!

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