Introducing the Tines Admin API

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Written by Eoin Hinchy

Starting our deep-dive into new features included in the Tines Autumn 2019 release, we’re proud to announce the Admin API. In this post, we’ll explore how the Admin API can be used to manage users, jobs, and private templates.

Getting an API key

Like all Tines APIs, an API key is required to interact with the Admin API. A new API key can be generated from inside a user’s profile, however, to limit misuse only tenant admins can interact with the admin API.

Tines Admin API Postman collection

Postman is a powerful API client that makes testing and experimenting with APIs easy (we previously released a VirusTotal API Postman collection). Also, we also provide a Tines API Postman collection available on Github.

Download the v2 collection file from here and import it into Postman. The Tines collection contains examples for all admin actions.


Tines admins can use the User Admin APIs to programmatically manage users within their tenants. New user admin APIs includes endpoints for the following:

  • List users

  • Get a user

  • Delete a user

  • Create a user

  • Update a user

  • Get user sign-in activity

  • Resend a user invitation

Job Management

With the job management APIs, Tines admins can now perform common maintenance tasks such as monitoring the size of queues and deleting a malfunctioning Action’s retry jobs more easily. New job management admin APIs include endpoints for the following:

  • Delete all an Action’s retry jobs

  • List queued jobs

  • Delete all an Action’s queued jobs

  • Delete all queued jobs

  • List dead jobs

  • Delete all dead jobs

  • List retry jobs

  • Delete all retry jobs

  • Delete all an Action’s dead jobs

Private Templates

Private templates allow Tines admins to build Actions that can be used as the basis for other Actions throughout a tenant. While having programmatic access to manage private templates makes it trivial to automate the creation of agent templates for private APIs built by your company. The new admin API for private templates includes endpoints for the following:

  • List private templates

  • Get a private template

  • Create a private template

  • Update a private template

  • Delete a private template

Further information

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Additional information on the Tines Admin APIs are available in our Docs section:

*Please note we recently updated our terminology. Our "agents" are now known as "Actions," but some visuals might not reflect this.*

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