Introducing 'The Future of Security Operations,' our brand new podcast series

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Written by Thomas KinsellaCo-founder & CCO, Tines

Today we’re excited to announce our new podcast – 'The Future of Security Operations.' 

Our first episode is with MongoDB’s CISO Lena Smartand every other week from now on, we’ll have a new episode with another expert. 

I wanted to take a few minutes to explain why we’re launching this podcast and what you can expect to gain from listening. 

The Problem SecOps Teams Face 

How do you automate mundane security work?

If you’re like most modern SecOps teams, the honest answer is “not very well” or “we don’t.” 

I set out to find better security automation options back in 2018 while leading a 30 person security team at DocuSign. My team there was burned out and overwhelmed. They were spending more than 70% of their time on alerts and tedious manual tasks, and eventually, we started to see frustration and churn. 

We evaluated more than a dozen solutions that could help us automate these tasks, but all of the solutions we found were clunky, expensive, and required programming skills which, like many security teams — was a skill we just didn’t have. So, I quit DocuSign and set out to build a new solution with my friend and co-founder Eoin Hinchy.

At Tines, we passionately believe that no-code automation is the future of security operations. It empowers security teams with little no technical background to automate any manual process regardless of the complexity, use case, or technology stack.

And that’s what 'The Future of Security Operations' podcast is all about: how to bring the power of automation to your security operations team. 

We’re not alone in seeking automation for our teams and have found many leaders have already adopted a similar approach. 

In each episode, I’ll interview an expert who is reimagining the future of security and helping remove the barriers preventing their teams, colleagues, or customers from doing the high-value strategic work that truly matters. 

We’ll learn from their mistakes, distill their best practices, hear what they’re most excited about, and leave you with actionable insights that you can immediately put to work with your own team.  

I look forward to bringing you conversations that will help you transform how your security team works. 

If you're interested in security and don’t want to miss the rest of the series, you can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, stream on Spotify, or search for 'The Future of Security Operations' on your preferred podcast platform.

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