Introducing the ability to build apps with Tines

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Written by Eoin HinchyCo-founder & CEO, Tines

Companies depend on Tines to protect their business through mission-critical automation workflows. Since the earliest versions of Tines, we’ve enabled users to put humans in the loop through forms and prompts. Workflows pause until a person completes an action via an email or messenger prompt. 

But these features felt limited, with the need for additional human interactions to take place elsewhere creating time-consuming friction. 

That’s why today, we’re announcing the capability to build apps using Tines

Build apps with Tines 

Security analysts and engineers get caught in an infuriating cycle of disruptive interruptions, from back-and-forth requests to waiting endlessly for answers. Asynchronous communications keep them away from more critical work and reduce the effectiveness of automated processes put into place.

No SOAR solutions on the market enable users to collect information outside of the security team and use that information at multiple points throughout the automation.

Tines enables you to dynamically exchange information between individuals and the workflow at any point throughout a Story. Think of the app’s backend as the Story run, while the user-facing pages feature powers the front end. 

How it works 

To create an app, open a Story where you collect human input, either within or outside your security team. Review where you push a notification or prompt and introduce a page, a feature released in December. Apps are great when you want to incorporate multiple touchpoints via pages throughout the Story.

Now, your collaboration not only initiates a Story but unfolds at multiple points throughout to:

  • Kick off a workflow

  • Gather additional context

  • Share updates

  • Communicate resolutions and results

Get inspired with some of the examples available in our Story Library.

The power of exchanging information securely 

Everyone has a role in security - from the highest-ranking executive to each employee and customer. To be truly secure and proactively protect against threats, you need a culture of cybersecurity across your whole organization - and solutions that facilitate this. With Tines, you can now:

  • Remediate threats faster. Effectively tackle any potential threats by harnessing the insight and expertise of your security team while automating the inputs and outputs. 

  • Improve automation. Swiftly identify, mitigate, and adjust threats lurking on the horizon. For example, by building a new workflow to account for a newly discovered threat.

  • Control access to your data. Determine granular access permissions to ensure only approved users can securely access sensitive data.

  • Create a culture of cybersecurity. Promote awareness and vigilance across your organization so that people across levels self-police and improve your overall security posture.

With Tines’ flexible no-code automation platform, security teams stay ahead of evolving threats. Security teams build apps that automate mission-critical processes and securely exchange critical information throughout a workflow. With this advantage intact, your assets stay safe against rising malware or viruses. And you can revolutionize your cybersecurity strategy for an even more robust defense system.

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