Announcing the ‘You did WHAT with Tines?!’ 2023 competition winners

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This summer, we launched our latest ‘You did WHAT with Tines?!’ competition. The competition gives us a chance to really celebrate our customers' complex, simple, weird, and wonderful Tines workflows and bring them to our community. 

We run this competition annually to demonstrate the flexibility and power of Tines by challenging our customers to build or share an existing story that they find truly interesting or useful.

We had more entries than we could have hoped for, and now, drumroll, please… we have our winners! Visit the YDWWT page to see our full list of winners and runners-up across all five categories of this year’s competition. 

All of the winning entries are now in our story library, so you can try them out for yourself. 

We’ve chosen two of the winning stories below so we can delve a little deeper into the workflows.

Build apps category winner

MasquerAid, by Aaron Wilkonson at Orbia

Aaron’s story had the practitioners at Tines seriously excited. Aaron used Tines’s capability to build apps to create a pretext generator for red teamers and social engineers to test a business’ security posture. 

The app uses AI to generate a totally unique persona, providing details like name, location, hair color, and the names of friends and parents. The app even explains your persona’s fashion and texting style, as well as hobbies and interests. We had so much fun in the Tines offices testing this one!

Just for fun category winner 

Rick Roll, by Andrew Katz at Jamf

As Andrew himself put it: “Who can resist clicking on a Tines webhook?” This story utilizes the URL redirection capability of Tines webhooks to play the ultimate old school prank on people – getting Rickrolled.

Every time someone visits the webhook, it redirects them to the infamous video. The event is then deduplicated depending on the date appended to the user’s IP address.

For every unique event, a PUT request is sent to a Tines resource called "rickroll-count" through the Tines API to add one to the current value. The best part? The owner of the story is updated via Slack on how many people they’ve successfully Rickrolled, with the following message: "Hey there! 🤖 Just wanted to roll in and give you an update on your rickrolling quest! 😂 So far, you've managed to rickroll <<RESOURCE.rickroll_count>> unsuspecting folks. Keep up the good work!"

Check out the full list of winners here.

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