Announcing our sponsorship of the Wifiphisher project

Written by Conor O'Neill

Red team and blue team exercises play an important role in defending organizations against a range of cyberattacks from today’s increasingly sophisticated adversaries.

One of the tools that a red team can use in their engagements is Wifiphisher, which is a rogue Access Point framework. More specifically, they can achieve a man-in-the-middle position against wireless clients. Attacks like "Known Beacons" and "Lure10" were disclosed by the Wifiphisher developers, and it was the first tool to incorporate them.

As the team themselves say, it is powerful, flexible, modular, free and easy to use. The tool is the result of an extensive research and is supported by an awesome community of developers and users.

We believe it is important for Tines to not just support Blue team tools but also those tools used by ethical hackers whose objective is to identify and safely exploit vulnerabilities in cybersecurity or physical perimeters.

There is lots more information on their site and all source code is available on their GitHub under a GPL-3.0 License.

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