Announcing our sponsorship of the Vuls OSS project

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Written by Conor O'Neill

Like everyone in the security industry, Tines relies on a vast range of important open source projects. The only way those projects can thrive is if they are sustainable, which is why we have committed to supporting the community even more in the coming months.

The latest project we want to tell you about is Vuls, created by Kota Kanbe in Japan.

It is an open source, agent-less vulnerability scanner for Linux/FreeBSD and uses multiple vulnerability databases like NVD, JVN, OVAL, RHSA/ALAS/ELSA/FreeBSD-SA, and Changelog.

You can read about why systems administrators need a tool like Vuls over on its docs site.

The code is on GitHub, and you can follow the latest news in English and Japanese on Twitter.

If you're interested in learning about some of the other open source tools we support, check out this post.

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