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Written by Conor O'Neill

Rather than just support one particular type of project in the security space, we're eager to include as broad a range as possible in our efforts.

Phish.Report is one of those incredibly useful and well conceived tools that you should try out now. It initially gives you some basic information about a suspect URL and then helps you report it if it's malicious.

It's very easy to use - simply put in front of the URL of interest and let it do its thing. Here's what it thinks of If you disagree with a safe diagnosis, you can then report the site. It provides all of the forms you need to do so. This includes showing a warning to victims, requesting a take-down by the registrar/host and reporting the site to various security sites/tools.

A big thanks to Bradley Kemp for Phish.Report, which is powered by his Open Source project abwhose.

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