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Written by Jonny BeltonHead of Design, Tines

While we’re always plotting, planning, and prepping product updates, we've recently made a few subtle changes we thought you might be interested in.

Emit all held events on publish

When publishing a Story, you can now tick a checkbox to emit all held events. Previously events had to be manually emitted, so this update shortens the process and hopefully eliminates any frustration stemming from the previous experience. In addition to this, when a Story is unpublished with held events, a button appears in the publish dropdown allowing users to emit all held events.

Randomize Webhook secrets on export

In a Tines tenant, you can create a Webhook and change its URL. It's possible for two or more Webhooks to exist with the same URL, but only one of them can receive HTTP requests and make responses. Previously after importing a Story, you would have to manually change the URL if a conflicting Webhook already existed on your tenant. Now, to mitigate the accidental creation of duplicate Webhooks, you can simply tick a checkbox to randomize the Webhook secrets when exporting a Story, keeping your Webhooks unique upon re-importing! And since many users will want to keep their Webhook URL private, randomizing them on export solves that issue.

We have several significant product developments in the pipeline, so check back soon for another update, and if you’re curious about Tines, why not sign up for our free, fully-loaded Community Edition here.

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