RSA functions for formulas

We added three new formulas to more easily incorporate asymmetric cryptography into your workflows.

  • GENERATE_RSA_KEYS: This formula generates a pair of public and private keys using the RSA encryption algorithm. You can choose a key size of 2048 or 4096, with the default being 2048.

  • RSA_DECRYPT: This formula decrypts binary data that has been encrypted with a public key. You simply provide the encrypted data and the public key, and the formula returns the decrypted message.

  • RSA_ENCRYPT: This formula encrypts plain message using a private key. You provide the plain message and the private key, and the formula returns the encrypted message. After using our RSA_ENCRYPT formula to encrypt your data, you will receive a binary output. This output needs to be converted to base64 format before it can be transmitted or stored. Base64 encoding ensures that the data is transmitted or stored in a text format that can be read by a wide range of systems.

We hope you find these helpful, and we welcome any feedback!

Can Eldem