Forms on the Storyboard

Forms are now built and updated directly on the Storyboard, making their integration into Stories much clearer.

Additionally, we’ve enabled you to build multiple forms per Story. To create additional forms, use the new Tools menu on the left panel.

Your existing forms are migrated onto the Storyboard and continue to work as before. If you are not using the Webhook Action beyond your form, it can be deleted.

Forms on the Storyboard

Domain restricted Credentials

You can now ensure that a Credential can only be used in HTTP requests to a specific domain. If a restricted Credential is used in a HTTP request to a different domain, or in a non-HTTP Request Action, it will fail.

PKCE Support for OAuth 2.0

We've added support for OAuth Authorization Code flow with Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE).

When creating a new OAuth 2.0 credential with Authorization Code grant type, you'll have the option to select a PKCE code challenge method.

This PKCE code challenge method is optional when creating OAuth credentials. You may select either plain or SHA-256 if you know the OAuth provider you're creating a credential for supports PKCE.

For more information on PKCE, see the RFC.

New folder icons and more color options

We've added more folder icons to choose from, as well as added the capacity to pick your own colors for them using hex color values.