Execute Python scripts with dependencies

Tines is proudly no-code – we want anybody on the team, regardless of their technical background, to be able to understand and contribute to automated workflows. But sometimes, you really need to run some code…

Why code? 

We’ve heard some compelling use cases from our customers and users:

  • Legacy scripts: sometimes, the team are automating an operating procedure that involves a battle-tested script. Rather than having to understand the internals of the script, and reimplement in Tines, it's nice to be able to defer to it within a story.

  • Niche needs: you might find yourself needing to integrate with an API that uses an obscure encryption scheme beyond what Tines supports. Rather than having to ask us to add it to the platform, it's handy to import a package that handles the need.

  • Gnarly data transformation: although it's usually possible to transform data using formulas and event transform actions, it might be more convenient in extreme cases to do some imperative scripting.

Python → Toolkit  

So does this mean that Tines is no longer no-code? No!

We haven't changed the product at all. Instead, we’ve added a Python execution endpoint to our suite of Toolkit APIs. You can call this API like any other – it just happens to accept a Python script as one of its parameters, as well as a requirements file. Like all of our Toolkit APIs, your Tines tenant automatically authenticates itself, making it really easy to use.

Finally, we've added templates for running Python – with or without additional dependencies – to our templates library:

Note: The Tines Toolkit is a Cloud based service entirely separate from your tenant. To use it, you must be able to send HTTP Requests out to https://toolkit.tines.com.