API endpoint for clearing action memory

An action's memory can now be cleared via a Tines API endpoint. More information on how to utilize this endpoint can be found in the Tines API documentation.

Brandon Arolick

Easier event data navigation

You can now expand an entire sub-tree of event data by holding down the Shift ⇧ key when expanding data in the events console. You can also focus by closing all other trees using the Option ⌥ or Alt ⎇ key and you can use both together.

Also, when navigating between actions with similar event structures, the events console will remember what paths have been expanded and carry that over to other actions.

Configurable session timeouts

Tines tenant owners can now choose how long Tines should wait before considering a user's session inactive and logging them out.

With this feature now available, we will reduce the default session timeout on newly-created tenants from 1 month to 1 day in the coming days.