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And, we’re proud of their success automating their business critical workflows with Tines.

The time saved pays for itself, in my opinion.”

Dylan White,
Information Security Engineer,

Recognized as a leader in security & SOAR

Out of over 500 products across G2’s system security categories, Tines is the #1 highest rated by customer reviews.

Highlighted as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Security Operations

We were proud to be recognized in this recent report for our work in democratizing security automation.

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91.4%reduction in manual alert correlation

The Legos of security automation

The pre-built modules make integrating with existing security tooling a breeze + the ability to paste a cURL command and have it automatically imported is extremely useful.

Powerful automation, easy to use

Tines saves us countless analyst hours a week, allowing our analysts to focus on higher priority tasks and new detection capabilities.

“Tines fell into my lap, and it was the perfect fit.”

The go-to security automation tool

"Do one thing exceptionally well", Tines has succeeded on this front, enabling our team to do their best work in minutes, not days.

Rapid automation—for anyone

A much smoother user experience than iterating via code, reviewing logs, etc, and allows our team to go from an automation idea to a production story in literally minutes.

Tines’ innovation is YOUR innovation

Tines allows my team to create rapid integrations between systems, processes, and people without tedious protocol and API plumbing.

“I was able to build a Tines story that reduced the time spent by 50…

Promises made, promises kept

A simple and clean interface, with a low learning curve, and easy integrations with third-party services.

“If it has an API, Tines can integrate with it.”

Laser-focused on Automation

It is a sophisticated SOAR product and has a high affinity with SIEM, indispensable part of our SOC.

Tines automated our SOC

What do I like best? Tines’ flexibility. You really can create a playbook for anything imaginable, and the tool is very easy to use.

“With Tines, we have real-time visibility across our endpoints and our environment.”

More like coworkers than a vendor

Tines’ customer support and service is the best I've ever experienced. There is nothing I dislike about Tines.
4-5 dayssaved per month

Tines saved me so much time and energy!

Right off the bat, Tines is a powerful workflow automation tool. Not only that, it's well-documented too.

“Tines is flexible, lightweight, and easy to use."

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