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"Tines is doing the work of at least 3 FTEs and, most importantly, is allowing…

Elastic IT and security analysts unlock 750 days of lost time

Before using Tines, the InfoSec team at Elastic carried out little to no automation. Any automation they did implement was done manually through Python. Daniel Gallagher, Security Automation Engineer, and Aaron Jewitt, Principal Security Analyst, brought Tines into the Elastic tech stack to elevate the way the team manages security automation. Since implementing they’ve better applied their team and earned back at least 93 days annually in time saved.

79automated workflows

Mars achieves coverage of 80-90% of sources for true positives in weeks

Mars is a family-owned, future-facing company with brands, products, and services used worldwide for generations. With over 140,000 associates worldwide, Mars is committed to taking daily action that will help build a better world tomorrow.

“The sheer time savings are immeasurable.”

Oak Ridge National Laboratory taps into the unimaginable with Tines

From vulnerability to cross-team metric reporting, ORNL is rethinking cybersecurity in the federal space.

45 minsaved per onboarding request

PathAI ensures compliance and auditability with Tines

PathAI has discovered the secret to staying ahead of the curve: efficiency and innovation. Their security team found this using Tines no-code automation platform. And, as a result of their success, PathAI extended the technology to their IT team to transform cumbersome processes, including onboarding and offboarding.

~2,100 hourssaved per quarter

How Upwork uses Tines to improve its security posture and help its end-users get smarter

Tines enables Upwork to save thousands of hours per quarter while positioning its security team as “trailblazers in automation”.

4 hronboarding time gained per new hire

How Tines enabled this crypto exchange to improve onboarding and offboarding globally

“Our first conversation with Tines made us realize that even if the platform could deliver 25% of what we wanted, that would still be better than anybody else. Lo and behold, we’ve been able to automate everything we’ve wanted.”

91.4%reduction in manual alert correlation

Snowflake reimagines case management with Tines

With Tines, Snowflake’s security team was able to automate security data lake queries, which was then used to enrich alerts and correlate data for clear insight into issues.

“Tines fell into my lap, and it was the perfect fit.”

R3’s security team saves 220+ hours a month with Tines

With Tines, R3’s security team estimate they’ve been able to build an automation function that equates to the work of more than five engineers.

“With Tines, we have real-time visibility across our endpoints and our environment.”

How Tines enables Turo’s lean security team to do more with less

For any security team today, the challenge is always to do more with less. With the help of Tines’ no-code automation, Turo’s security team is identifying and responding to threats quickly and effectively.

4-5 dayssaved per month

Applied Systems discovers 4-5 days of working time per month with Tines

A single Tines automation Story helped the Applied Systems team connect Snyk to scale their security processes.

“Tines is flexible, lightweight, and easy to use."

How Auth0 uses Tines to deliver a faster and more efficient security alert response service

To put Tines to the test, Auth0 built tools on both platforms to automatically handle reports of phishing attempts.

“I was able to build a Tines story that reduced the time spent by 50…

How KnowBe4 transformed internal processes with Tines

“Tines is very intuitive in pretty much every aspect; the platform is just really easy to use, so it does a really good job at saving time. The time saved pays for itself, in my opinion," says Dylan White, Information Security Engineer, KnowBe4.

“If it has an API, Tines can integrate with it.”

How Tines saves OpenTable 40 hours of work per week

After just a short period using Tines, we found it saved us 40 hours of work per week. It essentially saves us the workload of one person. And during uncertain times, that’s more important than ever.

“The net effect is that our employees can be protected while still getting the access…

How Tines is helping Canva to improve its security detections and response

"I think automation is critical to the security of an organization," Mike Fountandez, Senior Security Engineer at Canva.

“We never could have moved this quickly with manual processes.”

How the Broad institute of MIT and Harvard slashed its alert remediation time to seconds with Tines

"We never could have moved this quickly with manual processes."

1.5analysts freed up 
per week

Why McKesson chose Tines for its refreshing approach to security automation

After assessing solutions from across the market, McKesson chose Tines for its refreshing approach to security automation.

“Thanks to Tines, the first time an analyst looks at the case, they already have…

How Sophos is using Tines to keep its employees and data around the world safe

“Tines offers a refreshing personal touch,” says Tom Sage, a senior security engineer at Sophos. “We’ve found the team there to be really helpful with both sales and support."