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Report triage

Triage reports through different sources including a Tines page for manual inputs, automated webhook notifications and hand-written reports received through email.


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  • Actions

    Stack and combine actions on the storyboard to build and run your workflows. Each action is purpose-built to handle any level of complexity without writing code.

  • Integrations

    Integrate across your whole stack, including your internal tools. Start from scratch, from thousands of prebuilt templates or simply paste a cURL command on the canvas.

  • Collaboration

    Determine when to bring people in the loop and collaborate comfortably with safeguards, like change control, to experiment freely.



Build any workflow or process – regardless of complexity. Get up and running in minutes, not days or weeks. No code. No custom development. Fast, flexible and secure by design.

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The actions


Kicks off a workflow when something happens in an external system.

HTTP request

Send or receive data from another system at any point in your workflow.

Send email

Share information or outcomes from your workflow via email.

Receive email

Use an incoming email to initiate a workflow, or as a data source to bring into your processes.


Run an LLM within the context of your workflow in a private and secure environment.


Structure and manipulate data at any point in your workflow.


Make decisions based on the data in your workflow before continuing.

Send to story

Reuse a workflow by nesting it within other workflows.

AI in Tines

AI in Tines is private and secure by design. Your data stays within your tenant. When and how your data interacts with AI is defined by you within the workflow.

  • Stateless
  • Private
  • In-region
  • Tenant-scoped
  • No networking
  • No training
  • No storage
  • No logging

The AI action brings the power of a secure and private LLM to your workflows as they run. Data never leaves your tenant.

Automatic transform leverages AI to generate code from your prompts, accelerating your ability to build robust data manipulation into your workflows.

Connect anything

If it offers an API, Tines connects with it. From mainstream solutions to niche and internal tools, Tines is an integrator across your entire stack.

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I was impressed by how fast it was to drag and drop actions and configure them. It was significantly faster than writing the same thing in Python. That speed was the biggest thing for me.

Andrew Katz

Senior Information Security Engineer



The build and execution environments are the same, which means your most important workflows are ready to run and make an immediate impact. All without compromising on security or scale.

Create interactions outside of the storyboard through pages and prompts. Use them to gather context, confirm information, or add transparency to workflow outputs. Control and pause workflows through human confirmation or interactions.

Built-in safeguards like credential management, roles, change control, error handling, smart retries, and so much more at the action or workflow level, mean your team is always in the loop. If external tools behave unexpectedly, any member can go into the workflow and fix the issue.

Trusted by industry leaders

Businesses of all sizes from global enterprises to national laboratories automate processes at scale with Tines.

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