Time saved


You can record metrics for any action in the Time saved block of the Action Status tab. These metrics can then be viewed on the Reporting page in the Reporting overview chart.

How to set up time saved 

1) Publish story to a team 

Metrics are only recorded for stories which are published in teams. You can publish a story through the button at the top-right of the Story page. This is relevant for stories within draft teams.

2) Set time saved metrics 

Select the action you want to record metrics for. Then open the Status tab in the right hand panel and click the toggle within the Time saved section. This will open a popover with a series of metrics with modifiable units and values.

3) View data 

And that's it! As your actions with time saved metrics run, the accumulated data will be displayed on the Reporting overview chart on the reporting page. As more metrics are added, more categories will be added to this graph.

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