Accessing Tines 

To sign into Tines you need a tenant. A tenant is created when you purchase a Tines plan or when you sign up for our forever-free community edition.


Tines offers a few different formats for documentation and support depending on what you're looking to achieve:

How to:

  • Explained: Quick advice and answers from our team around best practices, complex building techniques, authentication guides, and more.

  • Docs: Technical overviews of different product features.

  • API Docs: Technical documentation for the API accessible parts of our product.

Getting started:

  • Library: Pre-built end-to-end workflows that offer inspiration for your next build. You can also use them as a starting point and customize within your own tenant for quick time to value.

  • Community Slack: Form to join our community slack to discuss and troubleshoot automation ideas with other Tines users.

Deeper contextual learning:

  • Bootcamp: Step by step guide to building a sample story. Offered in live session, user led, and self guided formats.

  • University: Dedicated learning paths for basics, intermediate, and advanced users with a certification awarded at the end.

  • Certification: Tines certification after completing and passing the course.

We regularly share blog posts highlighting best practices and use cases of Tines with other vendors.

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