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Onboarding at Tines: best practices for build sessions

Tips on working with Tines engineers and maximizing the impact of your build sessions.

Calling all Tines builders: “You Did WHAT With Tines?!” is back

This year's winner will receive a trip to New York to attend the Security Automation Roadshow!

How to evaluate AI features in workflow automation platforms

Things to consider and a handy checklist to help you distinguish between hype and real value.

From skeptic to advocate: My journey to embracing AI

Tines CEO Eoin Hinchy on how his initial distrust of AI helped shape AI in Tines.

Exploring generative AI guardrails: The Tines approach

From privacy to scalability, we're sharing the critical factors that make up Tines' approach to AI guardrails.

How security teams enhance vulnerability management with Tines

A quick guide to achieving faster response times and greater accuracy with automated vulnerability management processes.

Implementing AI within your security strategy: 7 best practices

Ready to tap into the benefits of AI? Tines CEO Eoin Hinchy shares his best practices for security teams.

Accelerating privacy and security in AI with Tines

Tines' Head of Product Stephen O’Brien shares how his team developed AI features that respond to customer security concerns.

Using Records to improve story performance in Tines

Elastic's Aaron Jewitt shares a workflow he built to improve the efficiency of his team's automated alert triage processes.

“AI is only useful when it solves real customer problems”: Tines on Risky Biz

Tines CEO Eoin Hinchy joins Patrick Gray on the Risky Biz podcast to discuss privacy and security in AI and workflow automation.

AI in Tines: secure and private by design

Exploring our unique approach to ensuring secure adoption of AI and LLMs within workflow automation

Introducing AI in Tines

How to use our new features to unlock greater efficiency through better workflow practices