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Reddit’s Matt Johansen on renouncing superhero culture and what comes next after “shift left”

Reddit's Head of Software Security on moving past imposter syndrome and the power of automating incident response.

“The best inspiration comes from other builders”: inside the Security Automation Roadshow

Highlights from the Security Automation Roadshow: San Francisco, the first in a series of events that connects our community of Tines builders.

Twilio’s Prima Virani on democratizing security and tackling burnout through automation

Twilio’s Principal Security Engineer Prima Virani discusses building an automation strategy and guiding security teams through acquisitions.

Fastly’s Andrew Santell on going from the Navy to Netflix and breaking free of bad processes

The Director of Security Operations talks about the importance of risk prioritization and strong leadership in incident response.

Elastic’s Mandy Andress on switching from a tech-first to people-first approach to security

The Elastic CISO speaks to Thomas Kinsella about embracing radical transparency and adopting an infrastructure-as-code approach.

How security teams manage threat intelligence with Tines

A detailed look at how automated threat intelligence enrichment results in better insights, more thorough investigation, and faster remediation for Tines customers.

How federal agencies can build their zero trust security tech stack

How do federal agencies ensure a successful shift towards zero trust? It starts with a zero trust security tech stack that serves your org’s unique needs.

Using automated workflows to reach zero trust goals faster

Federal agencies are at a critical junction in the journey towards zero trust, but, the right workflow automation platform can help them get there faster, and with fewer resources.

“Crawl, walk, run into zero trust”: a Q&A with Elastic’s John Harmon

Regional Vice President of Cyber Solutions at Elastic John Harmon shares best practices for federal agencies looking to reach their zero trust goals.

Building and managing malware analysis labs with Tines workflows

Malware analysis is important for understanding incidents and strengthening defenses against attacks. Here’s how to build and manage them using Tines workflows.

Onboarding at Tines: Six best practices for tackling your first project

Kevin Menezes, Sr. Manager, Customer Success, shares his best practices for getting started with Tines.

The 9 best security podcasts, according to practitioners

83% of practitioners are using podcasts to stay informed on cybersecurity news and ideas. But which podcasts are they listening to?