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The world’s best companies – from startups to the Fortune 10 – trust Tines with their mission-critical security workflows.

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Automation works when it’s built by those who know the workflow best – not distant developers. Tines is no-code, giving your frontline team members automation superpowers.

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The compliance you require, the enterprise features you expect, and the ability to run wherever you need it – from our managed cloud right through to on-prem installations for regulated industries.

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The team at Tines is simply amazing. The tech is easy to follow, easy to work with, and infinitely flexible. The solution opportunities created by Tines are endless.

Brent Lassi
Chief Information Security Officer
Logo of Brent Lassi

The thing we like about Tines is the flexibility of the product. We can hook it up to any of our tools. Rather than having to buy a specific tool that works with Tines, it works with whatever we already have. If it has an API, Tines can integrate with it.

Joel Perez-Sanchez
Security Engineer
Logo of Joel Perez-Sanchez

Other platforms have a lot of unnecessary complexity, but Tines is flexible, lightweight, and easy to use.

Brandon Maxwell
Senior Security Engineer
Logo of Brandon Maxwell

Our success is built on automation, and that success is built on Tines.

John McSweeney
Director of Active Defence
Logo of John McSweeney

Thanks to Tines, the first time an analyst looks at the case, they already have all the information they need to decide what action to take. This workflow saves around 50% of an analyst’s time working on each case. But it’s not just about time – we also eliminate the human error that can creep into manual processes.

Tom Sage
Security Engineer
Logo of Tom Sage

I’ve been on teams where the concept of runbook automation - where you can automate established processes to free up responders for more critical parts of the workflow - has been a pipe dream. Tines is a flexible platform that helps us achieve that goal in a simple and effective way.

Mike Fountandez
Senior Security Engineer
Logo of Mike Fountandez

The analogy I like to use is functional programming; the way that Tines has built the platform means we can just reuse Stories in a very flexible and straightforward fashion, and that makes my life easier, which is what I love.

Matthew Petroske
Senior Incident Response Engineer
Logo of Matthew Petroske