Supercharge AWS Cloudtrail with Tines and Panther

Duration: 1 hour

Organizations are faced with an ever growing security complexity caused by the cloud. Not only are security teams having to be responsible for the infrastructure that powers it, but also the activity that happens across all of their instances. Oftentimes just the detection of these activities alone can be a resource nightmare for organizations let alone knowing which alerts to respond to and how once received. With AWS Cloudtrail and the power of Tines and Panther, security teams can now surface meaningful anomalies across their entire network and use automation to remediate and take action.

​​Join Panther and Tines, where we will walk you through real AWS Cloudtrail detection scenarios and learn how to:

  • Analyze and keep track of changes to infrastructure (e.g., ACL changes)
  • Receive real-time alerts to suspicious activity
  • Ingest all your CloudTrail data in one place and gain insights into your CloudTrails logging activity using S3
  • Automate common response workflows like endpoint detection & response and phishing response
  • Combine these workflows for a responsive and robust security posture

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