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“After just a short period using Tines, we found it saved us 40 hours of work per week. It essentially saves us the workload of one person. And during uncertain times, that’s more important than ever.”
Joel Perez-Sanchez
Security Engineer, OpenTable

With effortless automation for everyday workflows, you’ll clear a path for your team to be more strategic, vigilant, and responsive.

  • EDR Alerts
    12 actions · 3321 events today
  • Employee Anniversary
    6 actions · 60 events today
  • Create lead in Salesforce
    8 actions · 212 events today
  • Slack alert to channel
    9 actions · 1241 events today
  • Account containment
    12 actions · 1232 events today
  • Phishing story
    3 actions · 762 events today
  • Security chat bot
    8 actions · 67 events today
  • VPN Threat detection
    12 actions · 342 events today

Infinite integrations

Connect to any REST API or web application in seconds regardless of the tool, vendor, or whether it’s off the shelf or custom-built.

Aim higher

Securely built to maximize resources and minimize room for human error, Tines makes it easy to tackle inevitable incidents, implement compliance, and encourage team buy-in.

How Tines is simplifying
automation to fuel growth

  • Company size

    78,000 employees
  • Revenue in 2020

    $231.1 billion
  • Tines impact

    Saving 60 hours per week

Ranked at number seven in the 2019 Fortune 500 list, pharmaceutical corporation McKesson chose Tines for its refreshing approach to security automation to make processing and responding to alerts more effective and efficient.

Their Active Defence team was quickly able to automate their workflows without any specialist software development knowledge; there was no need to hire coders. After all, if you have a deep understanding of your work, you’re the best person to automate it.

Across workflows, Tines saves time and money and eases workloads. McKesson found that just one of their earliest implementations frees up 1.5 analysts per week.

We’ve found that just one of our earliest implementations frees up 1.5 analysts per week. That’s a lot of human hours that we can put into more complicated and professionally rewarding work.
John McSweeney
Director of Active Defence, McKesson

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Handle alert ingestion

83% of cybersecurity teams are overwhelmed by the volume of alerts they receive and the complexity of SIEM tools. A secure, robust, and flexible automation solution, Tines integrates with other tools to help manage large volumes of data alerts and execute appropriate responses at scale.

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Ticket enrichment

Threat intelligence enrichment is a critical component of any incident investigation process. Tines enables you to enrich tickets with valuable context so that your team can take action on what matters most.

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How Tines supports rapid collaboration across teams and tools

  • Company size

    2046 employees
  • Registered users

    70.6 million
  • Tines impact

    20 use cases

Box turned to Tines to enable their security teams to collaborate more widely across their organization.

Box needed a product that simplified the introduction of new features and third-party integrations to maximize their efficiency. And they needed to make it easy to collaborate on automation workflows, so they could rely on non-technical co-workers to oversee and evolve specific elements.

Box chose Tines because our platform provides an easy-to-use interface to communicate with existing tools while making it possible for any team member to automate processes as needed.

Integrating Tines with our existing technology was incredibly easy, and the super-responsive support we receive has made the ride even smoother.
Tristan Waldear
Security Engineer Manager, Box

Explore some of Box’s use cases with Tines

Managing Phishing Response

85% of organizations have tackled a phishing attack at least once, and almost a quarter of all data breaches in 2020 involved phishing. Automate end-to-end what is often a complex and manual process, resulting in a faster, more streamlined response.

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Security Chat Bots

For the foreseeable future, 80% of organizations plan to allow remote working at least part-time. With Tines, you can kick-off automated actions from within chat applications and manage alerts and data, improving communication and collaboration across your team, regardless of location.

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