Five questions with Sohaila Sarkar, Sales Development Representative

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Written by Aoife Anderson

Sohaila Sarkar is a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Tines and a self-described “adventure junkie.” Having worked at the company for a year now, Sohaila shares more about identifying new qualified sales opportunities, her passion for innovation, and what drew her to Tines in the first place.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself?‍

I joined Tines in September 2020 as the first Sales Development Representative, and I live in County Galway, Ireland.

I’m from India but grew up in the Middle East and have lived in Ireland since 2019, so I’m a bit of a ‘third culture kid.’ I started my career in tech support before moving on to be a network consultant. I have always been passionate about new, innovative technologies and helping people. So, now I am helping people on security and IT teams every day to focus on what matters most with a brilliant, cutting-edge product.

Some fun facts about me: I love traveling (I once went on a solo trip around Asia, lost my wallet, and survived on instant noodles for a week). I also enjoy building DIY projects, playing board games (Catan is my favorite), dabbling in online trading, and reading murder mystery novels (Keigo Higashino is one of my favorite authors).

What do you do at Tines?

As an SDR, I’m responsible for inbound prospecting and generating new business opportunities. I enjoy connecting with potential customers, so once I have their attention, I typically like to set up a conversation to understand their automation needs and how Tines can help them. If it seems like a good fit, I’ll walk through the platform with them, mainly to show them how beautiful dark mode is, before scheduling a deeper technical demo. Simultaneously, I also reach out to companies that could benefit from Tines. I always make it a point to add a personalized note to every email I send, as it goes a long way. I love my job because I know Tines has the power and value to help teams and individuals save tons of time and overcome fatigue, which is something I have experienced myself in the past.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve worked on to date?

A few months ago, I discovered that ransomware attacks were impacting many educational institutes. Around the same time, I noticed a few of them were signing up for the free Community Edition of Tines. This really piqued my interest, and I started reaching out to these security teams. Persistence is essential in my role. I knew that I just had to get them to see a demo because once people see the potential and simplicity of Tines, they’re blown away. That paid off well; we now have the World’s top universities and academic institutions on our ever-growing list of customers.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m a pet mom. I have a cute little ginger kitten called Zeca, so I spend most of my time with him. I love cooking and experimenting with other cuisines. My favorite restaurants are IZZ Cafe in Cork for Palestinian food and High Cafe in Galway for Moroccan food. I’m also a very adventurous person. I used to go laser-tagging regularly, and for my last birthday, I took my friends go-karting and paintball shooting. Before the pandemic, I volunteered in retirement homes once a week and I hope to start doing that again soon. 

What drew you to Tines? 

I have always wanted to be a part of an organization with a great product and equally great people behind it. Tines is not only a platform that is disrupting the SOAR space but a company that values people. Few organizations tend to be this diverse and inclusive at such an early stage, but Tines is. I noticed this from the get-go; it’s one of the main reasons I was drawn to the company. My team is helping me grow, learn new skills, and, most importantly, they’re genuinely concerned about my interests, which is rare in many organizations.

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