Automating Fraud Response

Automating Fraud Response

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Flexible and intuitive, Tines enables customers to automate the essential manual tasks that analysts routinely perform when responding to user fraud alerts.

More than half of fraud cases continue for 18 months before being detected. It's critical to continuously monitor and mitigate platform abuse since the longer a security threat exists, the greater the risk for financial damage.  

A secure, stable, and agile automation solution, Tines helps manage large volumes of data alerts and execute appropriate responses at scale. Customers can take action automatically and streamline their internal processes, making them better prepared for high-priority incidents.

Customers can use Tines actions, forms, and templates to:

  • Receive alerts from your fraud tools.
  • Check your system of record to confirm the alert is not a duplicate.
  • Extract the observable's from your alert (email, username, domain, ip, phone #, etc.)
  • Retrieve sign-up information (business name, address, email, contact, etc)
  • Enrich data using sources like, DNS registry, recorded future, LexisNexis, etc.
  • Search historical cases and resources to locate any correlated events.
  • Consolidate all data into your system of record.
  • Take automated action - suspend account(s) or notify teams and vendors of high alerts.

Key Benefits


Remove bottlenecks and manage large volume workflows by automating manual processes: triage alerts, data collection, enrichment, and notifications.

Take Action

Save time investigating duplicate events and false positives, and take action in your tools.

Streamline Actions

Streamline and standardize the process of responding and taking action on results.

Numbers Say it All

Demonstrate time-savings and return on investment utilizing Tines’ metrics report.

Getting Started

  • Estimated Deployment Time: 2 hours
  • Required Tools: Case Management System (Homegrown, LexisNexis, Scout, JIRA etc) Fraud Alert Tool (AppsFlyer, Kount, Riskify, User Email, etc)
  • Optional: Enrichment Sources (Intel Platform,, DNS Registry, Recorded Future, etc) Collaboration Tools (Slack, Teams)

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