Automating Employee Onboarding

Automating Employee Onboarding

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Flexible and easy to use, Tines enables customers to automate the essential manual steps routinely taken when onboarding new employees.

First impressions count; some 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience great onboarding. The biggest obstacle for organizations is the time it takes to initiate a new employee.

A secure, reliable, intuitive solution, Tines speeds up employee onboarding by allowing customers to respond faster, take action automatically, and streamline internal processes for a more consistent, quality experience.

Customers can leverage customizable templates and easy-to-configure agents within Tines to:

  • Integrate with your HR management system to gather future employees' information i.e. title, org, manager, start-date.
  • Use an employee's ID, name, and title to verify whether they are a new recruit or a re-hire.
  • Add new hires to your benefits and payroll applications before their start date.
  • Provide an employee with access to manager-approved applications on their start date.
  • Enable all first-day employees in SSO, Email, Chat, and organization-specific tools.
  • Send new employees a welcome message via email or slack with relevant resources.
  • Automatically set an off-boarding date for temporary workers or contractors that removes them from all systems.
    Run an audit report.

Key Benefits

Automate Manual Processes

Generate offer letters and contracts, grant application access, send welcome packs, create audit reports, update systems of record like ERP and payroll software.

Take Action

Integrate your existing tools and trigger actions based on your company's processes and employee start dates.

Streamline Actions

Standardize the process of onboarding and engage better with new employees in a timely manner.

Numbers Say it All

Demonstrate time-savings and return on investment utilizing Tines' metrics report.

Getting Started

  • Estimated Deployment Time: 3 hours
  • Required Tools: HR Management (e.g. Rippling, Workday)
  • Optional Tools: Single Sign-on (e.g. Okta, Lastpass),  Collaboration Tool (Slack, Microsoft Teams)

Tines example employee onboarding story:

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